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Havasupai Tribal Tourism Department
Payment and Refund Policy

The Havasupai Indian Reservation, located within the Grand Canyon, is home to beautiful blue-green waterfalls.  People travel from across the world to Supai, Arizona to experience these waterfalls.  As such, it is often very difficult to make reservations for the limited spots available each year.  The Havasupai Tribal Tourism Department works diligently to accommodate as many people as possible per year. Understand that visiting the Havasupai Indian Reservation is a privilege given by the people of the Havasupai Indian Reservation! At this time, reservations must be made prior to visiting, either, by calling the Tourist Office at 928-448-2121 or through online reservation system: Supai Campgrounds. Phone lines may be busy due to the high volume of callers so please be patient. The Tribe reserves the right to deny access to any individual who does not have a valid reservation to enter.  This means you may have to hike back to Hilltop if you entered without a valid reservation.  Each individual apart of an existing reservation must be listed on the entrance permit on arrival at the Tourist Office.

Mule/Horse Packing Fee: $120.00 +10% tax = $132.00 (per animal, one-way)
Campground to Village 2-Mile Mule/Horse Packing: $85.00 + 10% tax = $93.50 (per animal, one-way)

Reservation Amendment fee: $100.00 (altering reservation)

ATV Vehicle Transportation:
$500.00 (In the event of an emergency ONLY, transportation to the village and/or heliport.)

Native Americans that provide a CIB or Tribal membership card will be allowed free admission with a reservation.

No day hikes (daytrips) are allowed. (For safety reasons, it is not permitted to hike in and out in the same day)

$1,000.00 – If caught diving/jumping anywhere on the reservation!
$1,000.00 – Littering anywhere on the reservation!
$1,000.00 – Having Alcohol/Drugs (All Indian Reservation in the USA are “Dry” alcohol is illegal!)
$1,000.00 – Drones! (will be confiscated and not return!)

The Havasupai Lodge – The Havasupai Tribe operates the Havasupai Lodge in Supai.  Rooms have two double beds and a full bathroom.  Space is limited and reservations are taken on a first come first serve basis.  
Please call 928-448-2111 for rates and availability.

Payment for all the fees will be collected at the time the reservation is made.  The Havasupai Tribal Tourism Department accepts cash and Visa and Mastercard credit cards only.  No personal checks will be accepted. Payment must be made for every individual listed in the reservation group.  For example: if one individual reserves ten spots, then that individual must pay all the fees for ten individuals at the time the reservation is made.  Upon arrival at the Havasupai Tribal Tourism Department in Supai, on the permit start date, the individual whose name is on the reservation must provide an ID to retrieve Entrance Permit.

Please contact the Havasupai Tribal Department as soon as possible to notify the department of any changes to a reservation.  The Havasupai Tribal Tourism Department will do its best to accommodate changes in dates but cannot guarantee that space will be available on other dates.  There is no fee to change the dates of a reservation, based on availability. All reserved permits are non-transferable (i.e. the individual named on the reservation cannot transfer the reservation to another individual).  Reselling of reserved permits is strictly prohibited.  Any person caught reselling a reserved permit may, at the discretion of the Havasupai Tribal Tourism Department, be banned from receiving future permits to enter the Reservation.

Although not anticipated or likely, circumstances may arise that result in the closure of the Havasupai Indian Reservation to tourists. The Havasupai Tourism Department will do its best to post closures on its websites ( The Havasupai Tribal Tourism Department will also attempt to reschedule the reservations originally scheduled during the closure.  However, due to the high demand for reservations, the Havasupai Tribal Tourism Department cannot guarantee that all reservations will be rescheduled to desired dates. If such closures occur that result in the cancellation of reservations, the Havasupai Tribe will not be responsible for expenses related to a planned trip to Supai, including but not limited to, required fees paid to the Havasupai Tribal Tourism Department, transportation costs, clothing, equipment, medical expenses, hotel reservations, food and helicopter fees.

At this time, the Havasupai Tribal Tourism Department is unable to grant refunds of any payments collected at the time the reservation is made.  All payments made at the time of the reservation are final and not refundable. 

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